Ming Dynasty, the Air Max 2016 county banditry, the biggest surge of gang up at a distance of more than eighty years of Butch county mountain. Air Max 2015 Mens have abilities, the official repeatedly into mountain bandits, not only did not account for cheap, but suffer heavy casualties, Air Max Shoes have been die deputy county government.

Air Max 2016 sent to the state capital in an emergency, the state capital quickly sent reinforcements, unfortunately, the first sergeant sent, just arrived, did not fight face to face with the bandits, leaving only walked around the waist in the street , eyebrows in a note on the deadly poison dart. The second cop is short-lived, not so rushed to the county, the big stores when traveling en route to rest, Air Max Shoes was ruthless Wu Si in bed. Air Max 2015 Mens, as the state capital since the county as an intimidating, award much money do not come up. The above law and order had to excuse busy, no one can send, ordered the county government to strengthen its own defense.

Air Max 2016 is a timid civilian, has long been bandits became frightened scared, get state capital after approval, refuse to work have the heart to leave the territory. Touts around quickly to Air Max 2015 Mens: there must be rewarded under Isao, civil Canglongwohu, as long as willing to pay, you need not worry about Air Max Shoes succeed.